Update for ACR 4.3.1 Available
Version 1.2 of AcrCalibrator is now available for download.
AcrCalibrator 1.0 Released
You've all been extremely patient waiting for this update. Thank you. I wish I could say I've been working hard on it all this time, but the truth is I've been a bit overwhelmed with a number of other projects that have kept me away from Photoshop.

Anyway, I feel like I'm starting to get things back under control, and I'm ready to release a new version of AcrCalibrator. Version 1.0.

Yes, that's right. AcrCalibrator is no longer in "beta". I think it's long overdue. Does that mean there aren't any bugs left? Probably not. If you do find one, please take the time to report it so I can ensure it gets fixed.

In addition to the new web site, there is now a support forum and a gallery to showcase your work. So, let's see your photos.

Oh, also... it's still free!

Update: CS2 users, please upgrade to AcrCalibrator version 1.2 which fixes a bug in identifying the file type.
In Memory of Bruce Fraser (1954-2006)
Bruce Fraser
Photo by Jeff Schewe  
Without Bruce's help, there simply would be no AcrCalibrator. Not only was Bruce's advice extremely helpful during development, and his assistance with the testing of different cameras greatly appreciated, but most importantly, it was Bruce who developed the calibration procedure that lies at the core of the script.

Much of what I've learned about digital imaging and color management I've learned from Bruce's excellent books and from his numerous creativepro articles. It's clear to anyone in the digital imaging community how significant his contributions have been.

I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to get to know Bruce, and I'll always be grateful for the time we met at the PixelGenius headquarters.
Wanted: RAW Files
I'd like to update my collection of raw files used for testing AcrCalibrator. If you've photographed the MacBeth target and are willing to send me your raw file, please send it to rawfiles@fors.net along with a description of the camera and conditions you shot it under. For example: "Nikon D300, outdoors, sunny." Thanks!
Last update: 15 Jan 2008 9:05pm